Elegant Cuddle Pouch


This Elegant Cuddle Pouch was made for the small dog or cat that loves to snuggle under the covers or play hide-in-seek, never to be found when you call to come. It’s a perfect place for your pet to find warmth on these cold winter nights.

The Elegant Cuddle Pouch is available in one size, stock or fully customizable by you in 47 different fabrics. Your purchase of this pouch provides a life-saving donation to help save an animal in need.

Please allow up to 3 weeks for your custom made Elegant Cuddle Pouch to arrive.

Sizes Available
● One Size – 25” x 20”

● Pet Approved
● Machine Washable and Air Dry
● Handmade Materials
● Reversible
● Quality Craftsmanship
● Made in the USA

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One Size – 25” x 20”


Machine Washable and Air Dry, Handmade Materials, Reversible, Quality Craftsmanship, Made in the USA


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