About Us

Kim & Mike

Kim & Mike

Inspired by the love of animals, their steadfast loyalty, and our passion to love and protect them, Bork + Mew, was born!

The story begins 3 years ago…

Mike and I came together and shared a common bond of love for animals, namely our Beagles and Chihuahuas. Today, this “purrfectly impurrfect” furry combo is our blended family, and we not only love it, we couldn’t imagine life any differently! Together, we have been so deeply touched and unconditionally loved by our fur babies, we felt there was something more, something bigger, (a message if you will), that could be shared with the world. 

At Bork + Mew, we aspire to “end” euthanasia of healthy pets and minimize pet homelessness, which also includes assisting those unable to afford emergency veterinarian care..

To achieve this dream, we merged my 26 years of jewelry experience, appreciation for high quality craftsmanship, our love for animals and designed a line of jewelry and apparel for the dog obsessed hooman. 

Bork + Mew donates a percentage of “every” purchase to qualified animal organizations that work tirelessly to save animals from abuse, torture and neglect.

We highly encourage checking out an animal rescue for your next furry family member.   

At Bork + Mew, we love our pets, and know you love yours too! 

Together, we can make a difference.

Bork + Mew